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Rapid LIne Industries, Inc.
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Rapid Line Vehicle Design & Racing Software
Updated With Powerful Engine Simulator

JOLIET, IL --Rapid Line Industries, Inc., has released Version 8 of it's Windows®-based Rapid Line™  vehicle racing, design and educational software. Rapid Line enables users to quickly and accurately calculate, simulate and compare a broad range of vehicle performance-related data on an interactive basis, now highlights a powerful and fast engine simulator that is unlike anything else available in the industry. 

The easy-to-use Rapid Line computer program is currently being used by leading engineers, manufacturers, race teams and universities internationally.  Rapid Line uses the power of personal computers and over fifteen years of R&D to give users the ultimate vehicle design and education tool.

Rapid Line now features a unique, powerful, fast engine simulator.  This new engine simulator is completely different from anything else you have ever seen.  Rapid Line's new Engine Simulator feature employs an artificial intelligence (AI) knowledge base that is designed to examine all the different engine data in great detail.  By making millions of comparisons using a vast array of internal and external engine inputs, it creates a very accurate power curve for your design or current engine.   Supporting the engine simulator's calculations is a vast library of real dynamometer data, ranging from 4-cylinder economy engines to full race power-plants, which enables the computer to provide quick and accurate results.  The simulator works with any 4-cycle spark-ignition engine, turbocharger, supercharger and is very sensitive to small changes. 

In addition to supplying more engine features, such as header design, Version 8 of Rapid Line also offers expanded capabilities & features including:

Completely new architecture - for compatibility with all current versions of Windows®
Totally new user interface - far easier to use
New and vastly improved graphing capabilities - Rapid Line 8.0 features a completely new graphing component. With automatic resizing, interactive scaling, zooming, and panning, as well as vastly improved rendering and drawing speed, the graphs offer a huge functionality improvement over previous versions.

Resizable calculations windows - Rapid Line 8.0 features resizable calculation windows. Just drag a corner of the window and the contents of the window resize themselves to fit automatically. This gives you the flexibility of making windows larger so that you can see more information at one time, or smaller, to enable you to view more windows on the screen at the same time.
Vastly simplified data management - Rapid Line 8.0 data file management is vastly simplified compared to previous versions. Creating, renaming and deleting data files are all very easily accomplished. When creating a new data file, you can use any other data file (or default data) for the data source.
Numerous additional features - for added convenience and greater flexibility.

For the first time, Rapid Line also features a comprehensive Reference Section that covers: torque specifications, an adjustable fraction/decimal converter, metal gauge thickness/weights for steel and aluminum, statistical math calculations and an adjustable trig table.  Race Strategy feature allows users to plan their race.

Unlike previously available software programs that are sold as individual modules and focus exclusively on either a specific aspect of automotive design (engine, chassis, suspension, etc.) or specialized performance and racing characteristics (acceleration simulation, cornering capacity, etc.) Rapid Line's integrated approach covers every area in a single program, with the option to interact engine and chassis for real time simulations.  In addition to enabling users to integrate all design and performance data into a comprehensive working model, the program also offers the capability to make specialized calculations and simulations on subjects ranging from piston speed and fuel economy, to aerodynamic wing sizing.  Another exclusive advantage of the program is that it addresses a variety of racing formats, including circle track, road racing, drag racing-even street performance.

Rapid Line covers all major categories of automotive design specifications and performance prediction, including:

The program incorporates a number of special, state-of-the-art features and proprietary algorithms designed to maximize its flexibility and versatility.  These include: customizable graphs; the ability to combine multiple vehicles in a single graph; automatic real-time recalculation; and multiple-screen viewing.  Additionally, the on-line manual makes the program remarkably easy to use, and also serves as an excellent teaching tool.

Rapid Line Industries, Inc., has an impressive history of providing specialized products for the automotive industry.  In addition to the Rapid Line™ software tool for calculating and simulating engine, chassis, performance and suspension for design and development, the company also markets universal, mobile-bench prototyping systems currently being used by automotive designers/ manufacturers, racecar builders and repair facilities around the globe. For more information contact: Rapid Line Industries, Inc., 455 North Ottawa Street, Joliet, IL 60432.  PHONE:  (815) 727-4362  TOLL FREE (877) 444-9955  FAX:  (815) 727-9568  Website:  www.rapidline.com. 


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Joliet, IL -- Rapid Line Software simulates engine, chassis and suspension, with the ability to interact data for complete vehicle modeling.  New suspension features for version 8 include 4-link, anti-dive, and anti-squat along with McPherson strut and dual A-arm calculations and simulations.  Suspension simulations are animated by moving the vehicle with the mouse for instant data output through the whole range of motion. Output data includes roll center, instant center, kingpin angle/offset, camber angle, roll angle, ground clearance, tire scrub, plus more with complete graphing and printing capabilities.  Rapid Line Software has been field tested and proven by the numerous designers, manufacturers and race teams that use the software worldwide.  .

Rapid Line Industries, Inc., has an impressive history of providing specialized products for the automotive industry.  In addition to the Rapid Line Software™ the company also builds and markets universal, mobile-bench prototyping systems, which are currently being used by automotive designers/manufacturers, racecar builders and repair facilities around the globe.  For more information contact:  Rapid Line Industries, Inc., 455 North Ottawa Street, Joliet, IL 60432.  PHONE:  (815) 727-4362.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Additional photos, picture files and video are available by calling (815) 727-4362 or E-mail: globalsolutions@rapidline.com.