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Executive Summary

Propane Edge Group (the company) manufactures propane fuel conversion systems. The company designed and has patent pending conversion devices to enhance the performance, fuel economy and emissions of fleet vehicles.

Propane Clean Burn Fuel

P.E.G. addresses the unanswered need of a clean and efficient fuel system for diesel or gasoline cars, trucks and busses.  For example, a propane system integrated for diesel or gasoline fleet vehicles will greatly decrease air pollution and increase performance and mileage.

The market for Propane diesel or gasoline conversion is enormous world wide and is hard to put a number on at this time. The new and innovative device designed to target this market has been named the Propane Edge System.

The Propane Edge System delivers approximately 42% cost savings per mile on both 4 and 6 cylinder Engines. To calculate the respective mileage, reduce the current dollars per mile by 42%.  The emissions will be reduced by about 48%, drastically cleaning the air.


Patent applications on the company's first market entries have been filed using a patent agent specializing in fuel system device patents. Propane Edge ' technology utilizes the principal that introduces computer controlled liquid injected propane for use as Autogas, in addition to throttle body systems. Propane Edges' patented device is tailored to effectively work with diesel or gasoline fuel.

Major Milestones

First multi layered computer controlled liquid injected propane system for extreme high performance. PEG ground breaking technology in fuel distribution techniques which allows multiple injectors per cylinder contributing to a 33% increase in performance and greatly improved economy.

Competitive Advantage

While the Propane Edge  devices are effective and user-friendly, with multiple applications, all the competing devices currently on the market are only in the early testing period and awkward to use for the mainstream fleets. Propane Edge will use its patented designs to fill the need in the market for an easier to use, more effective propane fuel system.

Product Description

A detailed and technical description of the Propane Edge systems follows:
Patent pending Computer controlled propane fuel system for conversion of IC engines

Current Technology:

Currently bulky, difficult to use technology exists, making them less efficient. Ferrous materials are used that promote corrosion and contamination.

Propane Edge Technology:

5 years of development in the propane fuel systems utilizing advanced CAD and CAMM software, CNC machined components, first in the world market use of our non ferrous aluminum flat tank fuel containment and computer designed control valves for precise fuel flow and delivery capabilities.

Also, the Propane Edge Group have designed their equipment so the system can be used with the latest aluminum flat tank technology - now making it available to store propane in tight under floor areas, etc. The Mothers Polish Chevelle utilizes this ultimate packaging solution that is also contamination free.

Competitive Comparison

Current competition for the Propane Edge system consists mainly of out of date propane systems used on fork lifts and taxi cabs.


A patent has been authored and filed by the inventors for the Propane Edge system (proposed name - may change). This patent takes into account both offensive and defensive postures in its claims. Opinions of legal counsel are strong that Propane Edge ' patent applications are enforceable and defensible.
Care has been taken to file all potential claims of the invention in order to protect it from possible competition from other technologies.

All patent application documents will be made available for examination by potential investors. Trademark applications are in process on the names Propane Edge. No conflicts or other use of these names has been found in an initial search.

Market Needs

There is a large unfulfilled need for a fuel efficient propane conversion kit for existing engines and purpose built systems for specific engine families increasing power and performance along with improved economy…not so much miles per gallon as much as reducing dollars per mile.

Industry Participants

To date, the company is not aware of any products that provide alternative fuel systems that are as cost effective as the Propane Edge system.

Pricing Strategy

The Propane Edge systems are priced in keeping with industry standards.
Our projected initial retail price is dependent on tank size and vehicle weight / load. 

Promotion Strategy

Public relations and industry media will help in over-all awareness plans. Feature articles and product reviews will help launch awareness.

Competitive Edge

Propane Edge ' competitive edge in this field arises due to the fact that it has filed a patent application for the Propane Edge systems. It is the patent agent's strong opinion that the patents will defensible and enforceable.

Competitive Strengths:

(1) Currently no similar product in the market that is as effective as the Propane Edge system.
There is currently no product which will be able to provide consistent performance as cost-effectively as the Propane Edge System. The launch of our products is expected to be warmly welcomed by the vehicle industry as a breakthrough.
(2)  With continued research and development in the field of fuel economy and increased performance for a growing number of engine families.


A Propane Edge System will be customized for customer's specific vehicle; this requires calibration time, labor and tank sizing for the first vehicle. Once ready the system will be installed on customer's vehicle to test for about a month.  After the first unit is tuned, the remainder of the fleet can be fitted with the system. 

PEG will require a mutually agreed commitment from customer to proceed.

Fleets will realize immediate cost savings, with a rapid return on their investment due to:

·        Fuel cost savings - approximately 42%

·        Less labor due to less refueling time

·        Increased performance

·        Possible tax credits for cleaner fuel

·        Less emissions - approximately 48%

Contact for more information:

Marketing, Thomas Direct - 815-735-0421- Email: rapidtsp@yahoo.com